Multiscale Modeling and Computation Core for Materals Research and Cyberinfrastructure Development

Overall Scientific Challenge

The overall scientific challenge is the development of multiscale theories and computational tools capable of handling several orders of magnitude in length scales (Ã…ngstrom to mm) with required fidelity to integrate with and be informed by experimental studies.

Core Co-leaders: Cox (Math, Clemson) and Wang (Math, USC)

Contributing Faculty: Dahmen (Math, USC), Dey (Chem, Claflin), Garashchuk (Chem, USC), Getman (ChemE, Clemson), Heyden (ChemE, USC), Hu (CSE, USC), Kuksenok (MSE, Clemson), Rassolov (Chem, USC), Sarupria (ChemE, Clemson), Schiller (MSE, Clemson) and Zordan (SoC, Clemson)

Affiliated Faculty: Anderson (CS, CofC), Ji (CS/Math, USC-B), Liang (CS/Math, USC-B)

More details to come.