Thrust 1

Hierarchical Structures with Controlled Optical and Magnetic Properties

Overall Scientific Challenge

The overall scientific challenge for Thrust 1 is to develop the fundamental computational and experimental science to guide the development of hierarchical materials that exhibit designed optical and magnetic properties not attainable in current materials.

Thrust Co-leaders: Foulger (MSE & Bioengineering, Clemson) and zur Loye (Chem, USC)

Contributing Faculty: Amir (Phys, Winthrop); Crawford (Phys, USC); Gelabert, (Chem., Winthrop); Getman (Chem and Biomo Engr, Clemson); Gatashchuk (Chem, USC), Greytak (Chem, USC); Harris (Chem, Winthrop), Heyden (ChemE, USC), Kolis (Chem, Clemson); Ling (Chem, Claflin); Mefford (MSE, Clemson), Rassolov (Chem, USC), Sarupria (ChemE and Biomol Engr, Clemson), L. Shimizu (Chem, USC); Wagenknecht (Chem, Furman); H. Wang (Chem, USC)

Affiliated Faculty: Lammi (Chem, Winthrop), Martin (Chem, Furman), Teklu (Phys., CofC)

More details to come.