Thrust 2

Stimuli-Responsive Polymeric Materials

Overall Scientific Challenge

The overall challenge of Thrust 2 is to develop new generations of dynamic materials that can respond and adapt to external stimuli, leading to new knowledge and technological advances. The three scientific questions critical to the development of polymeric stimuliresponsive materials are: Which molecular components in materials and their interactions with the environment facilitate stimuli-responsiveness? What internal or external stimuli can be used to control new materials’ functions? Which chemico-physical features will lead to stimuli-responsiveness? These queries will be answered by the integration of experimental and multiscale modeling activities.

Thrust Co-leaders: Benicewicz (Chem, USC) and Urban (MSE, Clemson)

Contributing Faculty: Bordia (MSE, Clemson), Kuksenok (MSE, Clemson) Lee (Math Sci, Clemson), Luzinov (MSE, Clemson), Mefford (MSE, Clemson), K. Shimizu (Chem, USC), Stefik (Chem, USC), Tang (Chem, USC), Wang (Math, USC), Wiecek (Math Sci, Clemson), Wiskur (Chem, USC)

Affiliated Faculty: Goess (Chem, Furman), Kuthirummal (Phys, CofC), Hamidi (Chem, SCSU), Petty (Chem, Furman)

More details to come.