Thrust 3

Rational Design of Interactive Biomaterials

Overall Scientific Challenge

The overall scientific challenge for Thrust 3 is to improve understanding of the effect of physical and chemical cues on cellular behavior across a range of length scales. The knowledge gained will be used to develop in silico models that will enable accelerated design and fabrication of new interactive biomaterials and devices.

Thrust Co-leaders: Hanks (Chem, Furman), Qian Wang (Chem, USC), Yost (Surg and Reg Med MUSC) and Zhang (Bioengineering, Clemson)

Contributing Faculty: Duncan (Reg Med, MUSC), Hu (CS, USC), Hurlbert (Chem, Winthrop), Kornev (MSE, Clemson), Markwald (Reg Med, MUSC), Mei (Bioengineering, Clemson and Reg Med, MUSC), Panasik (Chem, Claflin), Schiller (MSE, Clemson), Tang (Chem, USC), and Qi Wang (Math, USC)

More details to come.